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Dr Monica Vermani
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Caught up in the relentless pace of modern life, the demands of work, family and finances can, at times, leave us feeling overwhelmed. The demanding pace of life fosters anxiety, depression, restlessness, anger, irritability or unhealthy habits, like overeating, overworking and addictions. All too often, the daily grind can leave us struggling to keep up, with little or no time for self-care or reflection. We find ourselves merely existing, not living the life we wish to live.

In her new book, A Deeper Wellness, Dr. Monica Vermani provides the tools to create a deep, authentic sense of wellbeing. Drawing from her 25 years of clinical practice, Dr. Vermani takes readers through her tried and true steps of creating incremental, meaningful change. In 18 clear and succinct ‘chapters,’ the author guides readers through healing their pain and trauma, recognizing and confronting the thoughts and behaviors that stand in the way of their happiness and connecting to their authentic self. 

Inspiring and guiding readers to create deep, transformational change in their life, A Deeper Wellness provides a focused, and practical path to healing the past, dealing with the present and building an authentic, connected future — and creating for themselves a lasting, deeper wellness.

Drawing from her decades of expertise as a clinical psychologist and key themes in the book, Dr. Vermani is available for interviews to discuss topics including: 

·         How Do We Know When Our Mental Health Needs Attention?

·         Understanding Our Negative Thoughts and How to Break the Cycles That Lead to Fear and Self-Doubt

·         Do We Really Understand Our Stress? The Four Actionable Tools to Cope and Thrive

·         Are You Trapped in A Cycle of Panic? How to Shift into a Healthy Cycle to Control Feelings of High Anxiety

·         Can People Actually Take Control of Their Mental Health?

·         What’s Feeding Your Anger Funnel? Challenging Your Anger to Spark Meaningful Change in Your Life

·         The Phantom in The Conference Room: Exploring the Causes and Solutions to Workplace Absenteeism Due to Mental Health Issues

·         Dive into Specific Practices and Their Benefits for Anxiety, Stress and Other Mental Health Issues including Mindfulness Medication, CBT, EMDR, Breath-Body-Mind Practice

·         Can People Actually Heal Traumas, Like PTSD, or Are We Never Truly Free from Our Past Hurts?

Clinical Psychologist and Author

One of Canada’s highest-rated clinical psychologists, Dr. Monica Vermani is a public speaker, teacher, and author in the field of mental health and wellness. In her private practice, Dr. Vermani provides a multi-faceted treatment approach in treating adolescents and adults suffering from trauma/abuse, mood, anxiety, substance addictions, and other related conditions and disorders, as well as family and couples therapy. She employs a dynamic range of techniques and evidence-based treatment modalities, including psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, (CBT), Mindfulness Meditation – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)/Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Breath~Body~Mind (BBM), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming (EMDR). 

Dr. Vermani’s Start Living Corporate Wellness programs were created out of her belief in the importance of good mental health in the workplace. Start Living Corporate Wellness programs support and facilitate individuals’ efforts to overcome the barriers that prevent them from living their best and most authentic life.

Dr. Vermani’s game-changing Start Living Corporate Wellness programs address the underlying mental health issues that impact individual employees and teams. Through a dynamic suite of psycho-education, training, and support, Start Living Corporate Wellness programs keep employees engaged, supported, happy, and whole.

Dr. Vermani believes that good mental health doesn’t just happen, that it deserves the same time, attention, understanding, and effort as our physical wellbeing. To that end, Dr. Vermani’s latest book, A Deeper Wellness, and its companion online A Deeper Wellness Life Lessons mental health program provide the tools to create a deep, authentic sense of wellness and wellbeing. Drawing from her 25 years of clinical practice, she takes readers through the same tried and true multi-disciplinary approach to treatment that has been successful in creating incremental, meaningful change for hundreds of patients and groups.

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