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Geralyn Ritter
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After healing from over 31 surgical procedures, battling chronic pain management, and keeping depression at bay, Geralyn Ritter has climbed her way back to a life of happiness and healing. Now, you can find her ringing the NYSE bell and organizing events championing for women’s health. But it was a hard-won battle to leave the hospital and be with her family and friends again, which she details in her new memoir, Bone by Bone: A Memoir of Trauma and Healing [Out June 28, 2022 with Core Media Group]. 

It made nationwide news. On May 12, 2015 an Amtrak train derailed traveling to New York City, killing 8 passengers and injuring over 200. Geralyn Ritter was one of those passengers. Her pelvis was shattered and all her organs were pushed up by her heart. Her story begins with this fateful accident and details every resilient step she took to make it to home and back to her family. She goes further to describe her fight to get prescription medications and adjust to her husband as a caregiver. 

A women's healthcare policy advocate and expert as well as a first-hand trauma survivor, Geralyn Ritter can uniquely speak to: 

  • Her incredible story of surviving the train derailment and her hard-fought battle to gain back her life
  • How trauma survivors can start the work of self-healing and emotional recovery
  • Experiencing loss under extreme stress 
  • Forgiveness: letting go of pain from those who caused a traumatic incident
  • Understanding "Poly-Trauma" as a survivor of physical and psychological challenges
  • 3 Ways to Stay on Top of Insurance and Prescriptions During a Trauma Recovery
  • Holding onto gratitude in times of personal crisis

Please let me know if you would be interested in receiving a copy of Bone by Bone or speaking with Geralyn Ritter.

Health Care Policy Expert and Author

A recognized expert in healthcare policy, Geralyn Ritter is executive vice president at Organon & Co., a new Fortune 500 healthcare company dedicated to the health of women. She was formerly senior vice-president at Merck & Co., Inc., one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. She has spearheaded global government affairs and policy, led initiatives on corporate governance and corporate responsibility, created and launched a widely acclaimed half-billion-dollar philanthropic initiative to end preventable maternal deaths around the globe, and served as President of the Merck Foundation. In 2020, on behalf of Merck, Geralyn accepted the Disability Employer of the Year award. She is now the author of a memoir about her recovery from the 2015 Amtrak derailment titles, Bone by Bone: A Memoir of Trauma and Healing.

New Jersey
United States