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Eva Mariam
Your Pitch

About seven years ago, I prayed an intense prayer for the world. I had just seen something on the news that had upset me and I prayed intensely to Mother Mary. I asked how to turn our world around and how to relieve the suffering of so many. Suddenly I heard a soft feminine voice: “I cannot do it for you” the voice said. “But I can show you how”.

With these words a beautiful, exciting and transformative journey started. A journey I would like to invite you for by sharing my music and by sharing my story.

My album Awake

After this prayer, I started to receive songs, sometimes accompanied with a vision and information about the meaning of the song. The songs are part of my own awakening process and I have been receiving them, recording them, polishing them (with Producer and Musician Eric Van Den Brink) for the past five years. With every major step in my own process I received or wrote a new song about how we, humanity, can heal the deepest parts of ourselves, and restore the brother- and sisterhood of mankind. I receive many beautiful reviews on my album. People share that they feel the healing energy within the songs.

I also published a workbook to go with the album so that people can deepen their experience with the songs through meditation/visualization, reading about the meaning of the songs, reading about the visions/messages from my guides and through journalling.


I have been writing songs since I was fifteen years old. After years of performing in the Netherlands and abroad, I pursued a different kind of career as an entrepreneur and nutritionist. But during a time of spiritual awakening, new songs and different lyrics started to flow through me. These new songs are mostly about a new world, about new possibilities for our world.

More and more I was tapping into a spiritual reality beyond our everyday experiences. In this realm I experienced the harmony and unity of all beings. And as I continue to align to this reality, I experience the presence of many loving guides who support humanity in what I believe to be The Great Change. They join me in the creation of my songs. Sometimes indirectly in the form of inspiration or directly with a song that carries their message. These are messages of hope, of love, of unity. To bring back to us the memory of who we truly are.

Mariam works together with musician/music producer Eric Van Den Brink, whose work includes productions with artists such as Gerry Beckley (America), David Paton (Pilot, Alan Parsons Project, Kate Bush, Elton John), Blondie Chaplin  Beach Boys, Rolling Stones), Probyn Gregory (Brian Wilson Band), The Monkees and Paul Jones (Manfred Mann). He also created remixes for Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band, Mason, a.o., and engineered tracks with Jan Akkerman, and Herman Brood with Dick Dale, Nina Hagen, Hans Dulfer & Candy Dulfer.