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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 14 October 2021
Artist or Band Name
Eagle Johnson
For Fans of : Brittney Howard, My Morning Jacket, Tame Impala, The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Ty Segall, The Beatles, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Kimbra.

“Eagle Johnson is a rock singer/songwriter of the greatest tradition the genre has ever known, and if this narrative was shaky for any critics out there ahead of The Last Gun, it shouldn’t be upon its release... “

— Kelly McKinnon |

“Sometimes a solo outing is the only way to get something off of your chest as a creative, and I think this is partly what led Eagle Johnson to issue a masterpiece of a one-man effort in his new album The Last Gun...“


— Bethany Page | Vents Magazine


"This is likely the best set of basement tapes on one disc to come out in the last seven months, and it wouldn’t surprise me if other critics shared my sentiments on Eagle Johnson’s The Last Gun..."


— John McCall | Too Much Love Magazine

Nashville, TN

Every now and then an artist comes along with an origin story that reads stranger than fiction. Getting his musical chops performing in a high school ragtime marimba band in Jacksonville, FL, Eagle Johnson became a songwriter after he broke into Jacksonville’s largest conservative Baptist church on the night of Easter Sunday, 2010, where he stole the staff from a Moses statue and declared himself, “ The Leader of The Children of Light.” From there he spent 3-months in Duval county jail before being sentenced to 6-months in a state-run mental facility where he was given permission to check out an acoustic guitar as a form of therapy before going on to work with Lee"Scratch" Perry after his release...continue reading.