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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 6 May 2021

News for the Soul with Nicole Whitney

Show Host:

News for the Soul is best described to those in the talk show radio industry as "Art Bell without the Fear". Our large listening audience built up since January 1997 travels with us "on the leading edge of human evolution ", hearing about and in some cases experiencing first hand ideas and phenomenon once thought to be beyond possibility.

Although we cover everything "from the uplifting to the unexplained", it is done with self empowerment as the goal, and the soul-ution oriented approach as the theme. Whether it's live energy healings on the air or an on-location paranormal investigation, it's all uplifting in the end. And that is why our audience is strong, loyal and growing. Once they get a taste of News for the Soul, they want more.

Celebrity Appearances are common on News for the Soul, with regular appearances by Dannion Brinkley (Best Selling Author of Saved by the Light and focus of the TV Movie of the same name with Eric Roberts in 1985), Deepak Chopra, James Van Praagh, Former CIA Remote Viewer Dr David Morehouse, Stuart Wilde, Carolyn Myss, Uri Geller, Dr Raymond Moody, Movie Producer Stephen Simon, Gregg Braden, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, PMH Atwater, Sark, Joe Vitale, Dr David Hawkins, John Kehoe, Dr Brian Weiss, Neale Donald Walsch, Andrew Cohen and many other luminaries of our time.

Talk Radio Show Program Information Displays

Nicole Whitney

Nicole M. Whitney

About the Host: News for the Soul was launched by journalist Nicole Whitney in January 1997. What began as a monthly community positive news newspaper evolved into an online global media centre and a popular "life changing talk show" now heard on U.S. radio stations and by 200 thousand people in 93 countries listening on the web each month. Originally airing on CFUN in BC, Canada, NFTS has been a journey more than a career for Nicole who has partaken in extensive personal development & consciousness study since 1998 including all levels at Remote Viewing Technologies with former CIA Remote Viewer Dr David Morehouse), firewalking, "enlightened warrior training' & more. When not on the air, Nicole is usually spending time with her two children or painting, singing soul gospel with “The VOC”, conducting paranormal investigations, bellydancing, playing guitar, writing, walking on fire, or embarking on some new adventure out there.