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Daniel James from T.O.L.D. here.  I wanted to give you a shout to let you know about the new single Decisions that I am releasing this Friday, September 6. It's a follow up to the Same Blood EP which I released in June. I let my label handle all of the outreach for the Same Blood EP for the same reason I wrote this song. I had been feeling exhausted by constantly making decisions. Not just the little everyday ones, but the kind that determine what happens with what you create as an artist. The kind that either leads your conscience to feel guilty for making too much noise or feel guilty for not making enough noise. This time I thought I'd reach out a bit more. I want to open up as I've sort of been hiding away for the past couple years(I nearly quit music do to the pressure and popularity contest of the industry). If you've any questions feel free to reach out. 
Here is a private link to Decisions: 
And here is the Same Blood EP in case you missed it : 
Daniel James Smith