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Phil Matthews a.k.a. the Village
Introducing England’s best kept secret............
The Village
The Village is the brainchild of eccentric music-maker Phil Matthews.
And, if you’ve never heard of him then it’s probably the fault of the UK’s
music press - although some far-sighted journalists (and thousands of
music fans) have been shouting his name for years. In fact he’s spent
around one whole year at the top of the UK’s folk charts........
A familiar sight in the North of England, Phil has begun to seek out new
musical territories to conquer with his original music - music that has been
compared to Robyn Hitchcock, Syd Barrett, Neil Finn, Paul McCartney, Bob
Dylan.......the list just goes on ! But The Village is so much more than
comparisons to other stars. The Village is quite simply the voice of
middle-aged England - and there’s a lot of us out there !