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Nick Fabian
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Hey there, 

My client, Nick Fabian, has a new single dropping on September 27th and I was hoping to get him an interview and some air play! I’ve attached his website which has all social and streaming sites and his new single “Rain”. Nick Fabianʼs powerhouse new single “Rain” is available for streaming September 13.Featuring dynamic vocal performances — including glissandos, slick harmonies and a gospel choir — and a slight blending of EDM sensibilities with Fabianʼs signature piano-pop sound, “Rain” is the stunning rainbow in a tropical storm.“The reward is one of lifeʼs great mysteries,” he sings. “To find the beauty in pain.”A virtuoso on the keys, Fabian dials back his technical prowess and puts on his producer hat, carefully crafting every aspect of the track. Thereʼs his typical outstanding bridge, the aforementioned gospel outro and — why not — rain FX to kick it all off.Youʼll hear plenty of sonic references here, including John Mayer, Andy Grammer and Michael Bublé. Most of all, it sounds like Nick Fabian, beautifully building on a strong résumé that includes the 2018 Spotify standout “Let Me Down.”
"Even when the storm comes crashing like waterfalls
Washes everything and leaves me with nothing at all
Iʼll still be thankful at the end of the day
Covered up in rain"
Thanks for considering! Look forward to hearing from you,