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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 13 August 2019
Artist or Band Name

LENZ is an Haitian american artist who grew up in and currently resides in Atlanta. He was born in Port De Paix, Haiti. He came into the country at the age of 3 but moved back to Haiti and came back when he was 5 so his first language is creole. While struggling to learn English he started to notice he could easily remember song lyrics from hip hop songs that he heard on the radio so he started rapping to memorize words in English. As he grew up he would only become more and more obsessed with music and not just hip hop. He fell in love with country music, pop music, reggae, R&B, soul and gospel. He would later on implement them into his music when he started recording them in his home studio he convinced his father to invest into after he was recording songs on 2 phones for years. Even though he graduated from High School with a diploma and an associates degree in business management he had always put music first and was dropping mixtapes every month for him and his friends to hear. After graduating from college and high school he took some time off to learn the music industry and build a team around himself so that he could remain an independent artist. He started off as a troublesome student who couldn’t go a week without getting suspended for talking back to teachers, fighting and even assaulting a teacher and would go on to beat all odds and graduate highschool and get a college degree all at the age of 19. He is a positive role model for kids and he teaches life lessons through his music and tries to empower and help small brands grow through his small platform . LENZ's story is still growing and it's going to be a historic journey to remember, Don't be the last to know the lyrics to the classics he's going to create down the line. As they say the early bird gets the undying love and support from LENZ or how ever that saying goes.