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Jayman Comino


New Blues & Dance Music Fusion Release

A NEW and exciting form of blues has been brought to life by the hands of the musician & composer Jayman Comino who has fused two very popular genres into a new danceable type of Blues. The new subgenre combines the patterns of Blues music with the Dance Music beat. The result is a catchy style which entices the listener to the dance floor. The first single "Jaunty Affairs" will be released on the 9th of July 2019 and will be available on iTunes and all the major online music download stores.
This first song is completely instrumental. However Jayman is looking into adding vocals to future compositions of the same style. A promotional preview of the music video is available now to watch on youtube and will be followed by the whole version released in a few days before the track's release.
The idea came to life around Xmas 2018 and followed with the production of the tune “Jaunty Affairs” which is the first of a series of tunes composed by Jayman Comino featuring Blues fusion with other genres. An album including the single is being produced at present and is projected to be released in the Autumn.
 Jayman Comino (Stage Name of R P Comino) who has been involved with Blues music from an early age, felt the need to give the popular music a new perspective and has been experimenting with several fusions.
“It's  the first song of the album and I’m releasing it now as a single. It's a danceable instrumental song, a fusion between Blues and Dance music, that was created to celebrate those enjoyable things in life that make us feel happy, confident and alive”.
The album is a mix of Blues fused with other genres and is planned to be released in Autumn 2019.
Jayman Comino is member of PRS and the Ivors Academy .
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Free Promotional Copy of the  Audio of Jaunty Affairs exclusively for media  professionals and Dj's
Available to Download Here

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Draft Preview Of The Next Album