Music Submission, The Five Forties

The Five Forties
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The Five Forties

Live. Life. Play. Don’t look back

Breaking up is hard to do. But once you have dealt with the pain, you might write some great tunes.

The 05:40s is a new talent from the Montreux area with a keen ear for melody. Their music is often inspired by life events – check out their first EP of new music.

And while some of these happenings haven’t been easy to deal with, they wear their life experiences lightly. Stuff happens. It’s about how you deal with it.

The band’s name may have been inspired by a clock in their recording studio stuck at a particular point on the dial. But the 05:40s’ attitude is not frozen in time. These musical adventurers are about looking forward.

“We’re all guys that have been through some serious stuff this year, things that are universal like going through divorce and kids growing up and leaving home,” explains band leader Julian Anthoney.

“But whatever has happened, we’re positive, we’re dealing with it and are optimistic about the future. Our writing reflects all of that.”

Their warm, sometimes bittersweet sound will draw you in. The 05:40s walk an appealing line straddling rock and classic pop. And you may be surprised by their fresh approach to some well-established musical paths.