Music Submission, Finger and Sunshine

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Finger and Sunshine

Wheel of view records and Fingers and Sunshine are pleased to announce the release of their latest album, Solar Plexus. Solar Plexus is available through many digital platforms including CdBaby, Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Itunes and Ditto music. Three songs from Solar Plexus have been featured on Indie Radio Alliance stations top ten lists. The songs are streaming all around the world.

The music of Fingers and Sunshine is straight rock with thoughtful lyrics, classic rock style vocals and awesome guitar work with vintage effects. Some of their tunes are happy, such as "Smile" and "Surrender to the Day," and some are more thought provoking, "Homeless Guy" and "Sharin' the Light." Some even use elements of humor, such as "The Weed is the Way" and "Mojo the Cat."

The players are David and Ron McKibben, Larry Stoltie, Chris Thomas and Don Steininger. The McKibben brothers are responsible for the songwriting,  guitar playing and singing. Chris and Don trade off on Bass and guitar and Larry is our percussionist.


David McKibben

Ron McKibben