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I am an independent artist with disabilities. I love making music. My cerebral palsy challenges me sometimes but I don’t let it stop me from creating. The music I create helps me express what I’ve been through. I like writing music to help other people not feel alone. I use music to motivate me. I hope when others hear it they’ll say “yes, he may have disabilities but he is trying to let us know something about himself. I’ve seen and been through a lot of stuff in my life. I’ve been through obstacles and now I’m trying stay positive and work through pain. I have a language barrier. I use the computer voice to make sure that lyrics can be communicated correctly. I can’t wait to show you what a disabled artist artist can do. I hope you like my songs. Feel free to comment or contact me. My disabilities result in physical limitations that make it challenging to play actual instruments. GarageBand allows me access to hundreds of different instruments and sounds to create music with. This allows me to make thousands of different beats and melodies.