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Byebyefish is a French artist from Puteaux near Paris. Born in 1981, he started to compose piano short songs inspired by classical Masters as Claude Debussy or Erik Satie and by musicians like Yann Tiersen in the early 2000's. Some other piano-vocal songs followed from 2007.

Then he recorded a lullabies album dedicated to his new born daughter Lucie in 2011, trying to reach melodic, emotional and streamlined piano pieces. Afterwards he was a member of The Tiret Project (French/Australian indie rock, 2013-2015) and of Emo Echo (French indie rock, 2015-2017). These two bands were a good opportunity to experience some new keyboard sounds or effects.

He started then composing folk rock guitar songs writing and singing most of lyrics in French. The new album "De pénombres en lumières" (From shade to light) has been released January 2020.