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Blisses B
Our full length album Tell Your Friends You Love Them And Why is out now, and we write you with unfettered anticipation.  This is our tenth year as a band and we are very proud to be making music in the Bay Area for the whole of that timeframe.  We do hope you check out this new music and I can send you over the full album (.wav files or CD) and promo materials for the album.  Just say the word.  The two singles below are downloadable .WAV files:

“There is a time, its rolling by, so tell your friends you love them and why…”

So begins the first track, Twin Geeks, on this long play. Do we say it enough? We tell our parents and siblings we love them. But do we tell our friends and explain why? If not, let’s change that.

After a decade of playing, this is our fifth album. Our cornerstone style - traditional instruments used in non-traditional ways - and comfortability with each other is evident in our live set and made concrete in our recordings. I guess the longevity of over a decade playing with the tight group of nearly the same musicians explains that some, also.

  The lyrics in this album touch on friendship, an aging band, fatherhood, and the divisiveness that permeates our culture, and creates bridges to help help mend some of these aberrations in our own lives and through the reach of music.
  Tell Your Friends You Love Them And Why was recorded at Owl Sight Recorders in Oakland, CA. Alex Laipenieks engineered and mixed the album to analog tape. Carl Saff mastered the album at Saff Mastering in Chicago, IL.

I hope to hear from you.



Noah B. Libby 
Blisses B