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Hi BBS Radio!
This mail is to inform you that on the 5th of July, we will be releasing our latest song 'The Mistress'. It's a fun, swung rock track about a cat and we're hoping you might like to write a review on it. 
We are originally a band from South Africa formed in 2013, now located in Los Angeles, USA. Our inspirations musically are also diverse, from the powerhouse vocals of Aretha Franklin, to rock gods Muse! Our music is a product of this fusion.  

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Artist: Asila
Song title: The Mistress
Song length: 03:40
Composer: Hana Muftic, Richard Globisch
Publisher: Self
ISRC: ZA-MX5-19-00004

If you have any questions or require a certain format of the song, please let us know.