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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 29 April 2021

Matrix Liberatus with Ari Kopel

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Raw & uncensored talk about shattering the Matrix

The Matrix, this ill-usion and spell humanity finds itself under, needs to be shattered and brought down by humanity. It is humanity that needs to step up and desire to be freed from this "darkness", this "prison". There has to be a realization that No one and No "thing" outside of ourselves will do this for us! It is us stepping into our POWER and Authority that will shatter this prison.

This takes place when the "Collective Us", which includes all of the Light workers and those who are in the "Know", finally understand that wishing this away or pretending it's not there does not work and has not worked. It is in the unification of our efforts, in setting our Intentions and using our Divine Powers of Co-Creation that we will shatter what we know as "The Matrix" and birth the "New Golden Era".

Serena, Lady of the Woods, Cohost of Matrix Liberatus. The aim of this show is to create awareness about the sinister forces that are in play, how humanity has been duped and held captive and how we can "emerge" victorious by standing in our Divine Power and Divine Authority in unison, co-creating the New Earth!

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Matrix_Liberatus, June 8, 2013 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Matrix_Liberatus, May 25, 2013 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Ari Kopel
Psychologist, Ultraterrestrial Contactee, Talk Show Host
Ari Kopel  is a graduate from The University of Miami in Psychology and Communications. While at the University of Miami, she worked with Dr. Cesare Emiliani, running the Harold Urey laboratory on Pole Shifts and Ice Ages. Later she worked as the assistant to Dr. Robert Jastrow who was Chairman of the Board for NASA at Goddard Institute for Space Studies. 
Ari is an Ultraterrestrial contactee from the age of 17, and she works closely with these Beings of Light to help humanity make the shift in consciousness and raise their vibration. 
She has had over 35 years experience in sales and management working for companies like Bell South, AT&T and Ameriquest Mortgage, and also as Director of Sales and as VP of Sales for several companies in the Book Publishing industry.  
Ari is also the creator of a website called:, that was designed to create awareness about the time frame of 2012 and beyond, where membership is growing daily, as articles and videos are posted that discuss the events on the planet that help Shatter the Matrix and help the members become inoculated against FEAR.
Ari is also the Show Host and creator of a radio show called Shattering the Matrix on, where the aim of the show is to bring forth information about the truth with respect to the deceptions and disinformation given by dark forces. The show sheds much needed Light on the tactics and doings of the evil presence on this planet. Ari's aim is not to wake up the "sleeping masses", but to wake up the "sleeping Light Forces" that agreed to come to humanity's aide, and that have been deceived as well through infiltrated spiritual teachings and false spiritual leaders. Her aim is to help us break free of the hypnosis that has kept most of us from being fully engaged in finding solutions and proactively participating in positive creation.