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Matrix Liberatus, June 8, 2013

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Matrix Liberatus - June 8, 2013

Matrix Liberatus

Show Host

Raw & uncensored talk about shattering the Matrix

The Matrix, this ill-usion and spell humanity finds itself under, needs to be shattered and brought down by humanity. It is humanity that needs to step up and desire to be freed from this "darkness", this "prison". There has to be a realization that No one and No "thing" outside of ourselves will do this for us! It is us stepping into our POWER and Authority that will shatter this prison.

This takes place when the "Collective Us", which includes all of the Light workers and those who are in the "Know", finally understand that wishing this away or pretending it's not there does not work and has not worked. It is in the unification of our efforts, in setting our Intentions and using our Divine Powers of Co-Creation that we will shatter what we know as "The Matrix" and birth the "New Golden Era".

Serena, Lady of the Woods, Cohost of Matrix Liberatus. The aim of this show is to create awareness about the sinister forces that are in play, how humanity has been duped and held captive and how we can "emerge" victorious by standing in our Divine Power and Divine Authority in unison, co-creating the New Earth!

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