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Joel Ayala Ayapana

The initial intention of this one-hour online radio talk show was meant to focus and embrace upon the essence of Quantum Mindfulness, a term that I have coined as a state of awareness that can be utilized as the tools, the shielding, and the armor of resilience - where the theoretical constructs and to where the most profound and amazing of findings discovered by the variable schools of Quantum Theory are integrated with Heart-Centered Research Based Science, NLP, DBT, Perceptual Modification, and in Active Participative Knowing. But as I began to learn from the basic elements of the book that I had just recently published, The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart, and as I began to slowly re-read the inspiration of its spiritually channeled pages, I began to evolve in Spirit through an understanding of Self. And as I began to evolve, the talk show had also gradually evolved the same in heightening awareness and in potentiality as it was being observed at a much broadened sense of how I had viewed my internal environment.

As a Registered Nurse, I have utilized many elements of this philosophy and approach and along with the many other learned experiences that I have acquired along this journey from the many spirited and wisdom-filled souls that I have encountered from countless numbers of fascinating conversations. And I have done so, within my practice, in coordination with the application of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in 1:1 Patient Interventional Therapy and in Group Therapy Sessions on several Psychiatry Units throughout my integrative and holistic career as a nurse. This, alone, has greatly allowed for me to, not only heal myself in many ways, but it has also allowed for me to assist my clients along the road to recovery from addiction, an improved understanding to perceptual modification, the utilization of heightened forms of spiritual and emotional coping from anxiety, stress, and depression, resilience-building techniques, self-empowerment, heart-centered consciousness and coherence, and in initiating the change agent process to Unity Consciousness and Global Awareness. On the other hand, as a newly acclaimed public speaker, I have also presented my findings from the miraculous and inspiring effectiveness of this particular approach collaboratively with my own life experiences throughout several speaking events in Northeastern Ohio.

Now, as furthered evolution has enveloped the content matter of this show to other deepening layers of multi-dimensionality, the theme of this one hour broadcast, additionally, lies within the intention to integrating the many facets of the human experience with interviews and of personal accounts explained by some of the most compelling and of inspirational guests invited to the show - of motivational speakers, experts, song writers, singers, musicians, authors, actors and actresses, and researchers. Together, in conversation, the limitless menu of topics for discussion can consist of subject matter drawn from Quantum Theory, Integrative Medicine, Alchemy, the meta-physical, the unexplained and miraculous, the philosophical, the synchronistic, the intriguing nature of variabled belief systems, spirituality, the esoteric, the paranormal, the Ancients, ancient civilizations, Sacred Geometry, the Mystery Schools, and in the many other facets of the explored, the subjective, and uncharted realms of the human experience. This can all be covered from one inspiring show to the very next whilst leaving the dedicated listener intrigued with wonder, self-empowerment, limitlessness, and bliss. 

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Guest, Paul Luftenegger

Guest Name
Paul Luftenegger
Paul Luftenegger
Guest Occupation
Multi-Award Winning Singer, Songwriter, Light Worker, Recording Artist, Public Speaker, International Celebrity
Guest Biography

Paul Luftenegger is an International Multi Award Winning Singer and Songwriter who writes music to inspire and promote global love and kindness from within.  Paul is a leader in his new genre of music he calls 'Conscious Healing Music' to empower the listener with love and freedom of the heart and soul to thrive from within.

Paul's first real success came after recording a HUGE INTERNATIONAL RECORD titled 'DIAMOND LIGHT' with Multi Award Winning Canadian Producer Arun Chaturvedi. This record holds some very important work to inspire UNIVERSAL LOVE as well as an LGBTQ positive song that talks about growing up gay.  Paul partnered with Arun to help bring Paul's vision of inspiring GLOBAL LOVE & KINDNESS to life in hearts around our world.  'DIAMOND LIGHT' was recorded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has a long list of press and media interest and stories on various platforms as well as stories from some of the most recognizable spiritual leaders with countless letters from hearts thanking Paul for his new genre of music that he likes to call 'CONSCIOUS HEALING MUSIC'. DIAMOND LIGHT as a project took Paul 3-years to bring to life.  He released singles from this record throughout 2013 with the full body of work being made available for global distribution on January 14th, 2014 in countries around the World to Inspire Global Love & Kindness to promote Inner Peace.  Paul's title track of the same album name, won a very important musical award with the 2013 USA Songwriting Competition; a very prestigious International Songwriting contest who granted Paul's song 'DIAMOND LIGHT' with the 'Honourable Mention Award'.  Paul's album was also honoured with an award from the London Free Press as one of the 2013 albums of the year.

Paul's second HUGE INTERNATIONAL RECORD has affectionately been titled 'LOVE EXPANDING LOVE' which is a body of work Paul completed in August of 2014 with his Canadian Producer Arun Chaturvedi.  LOVE EXPANDING LOVE was entirely funded by Paul's fans from gorgeous hearts from every corner of our planet through a Kickstarter Campaign. Paul feels very deeply that LOVE EXPANDING LOVE is his most important record of his career already garnering countless praise and interest from some of the most prolific hearts and souls on our planet.  Interview after Interview is lining up to millions of listeners through syndicated online radio platform shows that are recognizing Paul's talent as a very unique singer on a mission to Inspire Love to do exactly as the title suggests - To Expand Love from Love itself through the heart within. Uniting collectively, remembering what in fact human kindness is all about.  

Paul's LOVE EXPANDING LOVE project touches on some very serious international subjects such as developing self love and self worth. The importance of honouring the elderly.  Feeding every mouth on the planet. Asking all Governments to be kind to all life. Reminding listeners that grown men do in fact cry. That it takes faith and self love to succeed and prosper.  That there are Angels all around every single one of us to help us all on our way through our life here on Earth.  That nature will help all of us to heal inside and out. That we need to help all hearts on this planet to thrive at life in order for us to thrive at life individually.  

LOVE EXPANDING LOVE is an album all about supporting the listener to honour collective and individual consciousness asking the listener to get busy unfolding the heart within through intention and self acceptance. LOVE EXPANDING LOVE RELEASES GLOBALLY ON 11.11.14 in 120+ Countries through iTunes.  Paul has dedicated this entire album and body of work to his hero Oprah Winfrey and the OWN Television Network as a way to properly thank Oprah and her teams for their contributions to our world and collective consciousness creating conscious television that caters to the heart and soul within.


Paul was born in St.Thomas, Ontario, Canada on January 14th, 1977.  When Paul was eight he moved to London, Ontario with his family and started studying piano.  By the age of ten, Paul had auditioned for St. Mary’s Choir and Orchestra Program in London.  This blessing opened many doors to expand and grow Paul's artistic talents in music and the performing arts through this incredible music program gaining a solid music education expanding love through music.

Paul’s passion for music and art continued to bloom in High School where he attended Catholic Central High School in London, Ontario - a specialized extension program developed to continue music studies from St. Mary’s Choir and Orchestra Program.  Paul was included in an adventure to sing for the late Pope John Paul II as part of the CCH Choir in a private audience at the Vatican in Vatican City.  As a teen, Paul performed with Choirs for The Blue Jays, The Boston Red Sox and The Detroit Tigers at stadiums filled with 10's of 1000's of adoring baseball fans. 

Paul has always supported Music and Art. He believes in keeping Art Programs alive and healthy within the public school systems to provide children the opportunities to grow reflection through the creative process. 

Paul and his close family sadly lost his 56 year old Father to suicide in March of 2011.  This tragic loss has been a huge inspiration of opening hearts and trying to inspire the World through writing music that is reflective and at the same time calming. Paul has always maintained keeping his music as true to form with simplicity without over editing to allow the souls honesty to dance with the listeners heart.  Paul writes with the intention of finding peace within oneself in order to truly manifest peace externally in our beautiful World with the ultimate goal of inspiring Global Kindness through all of his music compositions.

Paul has worked very closely and continues to be a guest speaker and volunteer/contributor with the 'Canadian Mental Health Association' (CMHA).  Paul has been a featured Singer/Songwriter by Songwriters Association of Canada (S.A.C.) for his work with Suicide Awareness and Social Change Songwriting.  His career also includes partnering with international charities to advance social awareness issues advancing equality and human rights for all people of our World.  Paul has also been honoured by the Premier of Ontario - The Honourable Kathleen Wynne for his work with Suicide Awareness.   

Paul released his first body of work on September 1st, 2011 titled "Blessings From Above" A.K.A. "Beautiful World" consisting of 5 tracks of Paul's piano and vocal arrangements.  On February 29th, 2012 Paul released his 2nd Album Titled "Worthy" which was recorded Live on a Grand Piano in Toronto, Ontario Canada with a total of 7 easy-listening songs.  Paul is currently releasing singles from his up-and-coming album "Diamond Light" which will be available for International purchase in hard copy CD's and Digital Downloads on January 14th, 2014 with a total number of 9 tracks with very elaborate mixes including piano &  vocal as the lead instruments, accompanied by lovely strings, soulful keyboards, drums, and guitars. 

On January 17th, 2014 Paul is venturing out and starting his live performance career in front of audiences to inspire and promote love and kindness through reflective concerts.  These shows have been titled 'DIAMOND LIGHT' which will include sharing stories of creating loving moments through his music career and how this process has unfolded through becoming the person he has always dreamed he could become with hard work and dedication to love itself.  Paul's dream, vision, and ultimate goal in this concert series is to remind hearts to help one another. These performances will focus on creating peace, love, joy, happiness and prosperity through Co+Creation and Conscious+Intention showcasing Paul's beautiful compositions.

On November 25th, 2013 Paul won his first International Songwriting Award for 'DIAMOND LIGHT' from the "2013 USA Songwriting Contest" which is an International contest consisting of 10's of 1000's of song submissions from some of the best prolific songwriters from all around the World.  This award is called "The Honourable Mention Award".  'DIAMOND LIGHT' was also selected as a finalist for the grand prize of best song of the year for 2013.   

Paul's Album 'DIAMOND LIGHT' won a top 10 Award in London, by the London Free Press.

Paul believes in spreading Abundant Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness and Prosperity with as much kindness as humanly possible. Deepak Chopra, Oprah and Ellen along with many New Age Authors have been the light of Paul's growth through much adversity.  These wonderful human hearts have changed the face of our World with their love and perpetual belief in kindness.