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VC Bestor
VC Bestor
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Pax of Wildly Women by VC Bestor

Predators balance Mother Nature. So Farraga takes time off from menopause to run a charity - Fanged Wilds and Women Program - to inspire others around the world to protect the most dangerous animals in natural habitats.

Very few ladies end up being eaten.

They are, however, targeted by extremists to whom one word is an unspeakable obscenity: Eco-feminism. Many can't even pronounce the word. What can the ladies possibly do to defend themselves?

Besides patrolling holistically herded livestock at the margins of wilderness, the micro-finance recipients also market apparel that - theoretically - repels animal attacks. For instance, F.W.W.P. uniforms are garish, since bright colors can indicate toxic unpalatability. Celebrities espouse the style as a trendy statement.

Fashion models, snobs and the hoi-polloi head toward climate collapse. F.W.W.P. anti-poaching squads stand up to opponents - even environmentalists, and fanatics of every stripe - and ultimately Save the World.

All proceeds go to Fanged Wilds and Women Program (501c3 NonProfit)- THANKS!

Who Are We? We are YOU - everyone who is ready to use the wilderness within

to protect nature.

That's us.

Ladies have unique qualities to channel.

Love of animals can be the engine for us to save our own habitat.

Instead of killing predators, we grow personally by identifying with tigers, bears... and... yes, even cougars.

Our imaginations can affirm the danger in the world's jungles and forests. Our choices can turn deserts back into grasslands... and suburban backyards into the Wild West.

Enliven our planet & ourselves! 

Click on photo above to read V.C.'s BLOG!

Science alone won't save nature,

and neither will Faith.

However, saving nature makes each one of us fully



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Fanged Wilds and Women Program is a 501c3 Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Organization.