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Guest Name
Vanessa Orr
Guest Occupation
Psychic and Physical Medium
Guest Biography

Located outside of Houston, TX - Vanessa is  a very successful psychic and physical medium. Vanessa is a certified Reiki practitioner and has taken numerous metaphysical classes with world class shaman, mediums, and Reiki Masters. Vanessa works with world renown psychics, mediums, spiritual teachers and animals from around the world conducting readings for everyone with positive results.

Psychic & Physical Medium

Vanessa owns Full Soul Readings where clients book psychic readings, property clearings, and physical medium readings.

Vanessa conducts readings for clients around the world:

1.providing direction for settling estates, lawsuits and disputes; insight and perspective in making decisions in all facets of life;

3.forecasting career paths, promotions;

4.helping clients gain clarity in a relationship in business, friendships, love, family; communication;

6.talking to the deceased;

7.finding lost items;

8.reiki energy healing;

9.soul retrieval; and clearings in order to prepare properties for sale and/or improved living experience, improved relationships, improved business/sales