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Guest Name
Tyler Miller
Guest Occupation
Educational Leadership Expert, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Radio Show Host
Guest Biography

Specializing in Progressive Education & Developing Positive Student Culture.

"Providing the Building Blocks That Empower Youth To Take Control of Their Lives"

Tyler Miller is a successful entrepreneur, accomplished Educational Leadership Expert, Life Coach for kids, and Radio Show Host of The Tyler Miller Show “Embracing Your Classic Spirit”. He is recognized for personal maturity, sound judgment, forward-facing vision, and all around positive attitude!

As a highly sought after interactive and inspirational speaker and CEO of his student leadership development company, he is committed to the field of progressive education, developing positive student culture, and providing the building blocks that empower youth to take control of their lives. Additionally, he is an education consultant with the world leader in performance improvement, Franklin Covey. Studying exclusively on Stephen R. Covey's “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” based on principles of effectiveness that endure.

Tyler's success in progressive education is a product of his commitment to living a spiritually conscious life and fostering genuine human connections. He birthed his radio show to open up the dialogue of how others have learned to embrace their spirit, live life in harmony with their soul’s desires, genuinely connect with fellow human beings, and create a lifestyle by design. He refers to this as “Embracing Your Classic Spirit”