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Guest Name
Trace Levinson
Guest Occupation
Author, Graduate
Guest Biography

TRACE LEVINSON has traveled to over 20 countries in the past few years, and recently lived abroad for over 6 months in Santiago, Chile just this past semester. This young 20-year-old has experienced life at its best and its worst traveling through hard work, loss, and the pressures that being an over-achiever brings. Trace will weave together his experience with directed guidance for what it takes for new graduates and anyone between the ages of 20-40 years old, to find a life founded in joy. Upon his return from these last 6 months abroad, he decided to boldly disengage from his previous movement toward a career in the financial industry and instead pursue a writing career in the hopes of helping others find clarity. He is currently working on the completion of his first book, which will center upon guidance toward the achievement of happiness and fulfillment.