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Guest Name
Tony Topping
Guest Occupation
Paranormal Investigator, Ufologist, Writer
Guest Biography

Born In Selby North Yorkshire in 1970 Tony is no stranger to paranormal encounters his first one occurring aged two years of age with his father, as Tony grew he became no stranger to paranormal encounters, his school life was not an education but he describes it as a war zone, and his dream of commencing an acting career started at the Academy Of Live & Recorded Arts in 1991, his first UFO encounter happened at the age of 7, his true journey began in 1999.

In early 1990 Tony’s first UFO encounter began over his house, this then led to a commencement of strange encounters in 1996 in London and Kent, including the seeing of UFO objects over St Mary Cray, Paddington, and Orpington, moving back to Selby in 1996, his experiences truly began with two UFOs coming over his home, and during the years of 1999 a constant appearance of a UFO object near his home as a result of this Tony encountered a covert UFO secret police who made his life a living hell, it is Tony’s mission to tell his story and expose the corruption, his first appearance on TV was for Channel 4, and he has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of UFOs he is engaged in writing the book of his story The Journey Man which he describes as a Spycatcher expose of the UFO cover up.