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Guest Name
Therese Grey
Therese Emmanuel Grey, Journalist, Writer, Author, Speaker, Coach, Spiritualist and Mystic
Guest Occupation
Journalist, Writer, Author, Speaker, Coach, Spiritualist, Mystic
Guest Biography

Therese Emmanuel Grey is a journalist who has written about personal growth for more than a decade, and co-authored the book Why We Do What We Do: Four Pathways to Your Authentic Self with psychologist Caroline Hanstke and Brian Emmanuel Grey.

Interviewing the mystic and author of 'The 2012 Spiritual Shift', Therese Emmanuel Grey. She has written and co-authored a number of other books about spirituality and spiritual psychology including Miracles, Masters and Mirth, and The Legend of the Ancient of Days. Therese regularly conducts online seminars and Radiant Sherpa Retreats, including an upcoming retreat this winter solstice: 'Integrating the Cosmic Wave of Divine Love'. Therese founded Lightbearers Worldwide, an online community of spiritual seekers.

Therese first discovered the transforming power of the inner family archetype model by applying it to her personal circumstances. "I had explored different avenues of psychological and spiritual growth, yet I still could not hit my rock bottom self-limiting patterns," says Therese. "That changed when I found this work. With these amazing teachings, I was finally able to face my deepest fears and disappointments. Week after week, I watched as layers of entrenched, negative core programs began to lift, giving way to new levels of understanding and appreciation for myself and for others."

In 1998, Brian and Therese married. Today, Therese works alongside Brian and Caroline to facilitate the inner family archetype model in workshops, seminars, and publications—in English, French, and Spanish. She shares life-changing concepts to help guide people on their journey toward psychological wholeness and spiritual fulfillment, and is working on several new books.