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Guest Name
Taansen Fairmont
Taansen Fairmont
Guest Occupation
Consultant in the financial arena, speaker, writer, artist, musician,
Guest Biography

Taansen Fairmont is a consultant on debt elimination, common law trusts and asset protection. He is also a meditation teacher, musician,artist and writer on Vedic Science, higher states of consciousness and the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.

Taansen was educated at Maharishi International University in America and at the Maharishi European Research University in Switzerland, where he received the title “Governor of the Age of Enlightenment” in 1977 at age 22.

He is a former keynote speaker at numerous international investment conferences worldwide, on ocean cruises and at many exotic tax haven resorts, around the Pacific Rim and the Caribbean. He is the author of the 1997 book Sovereignty Consciousness.

Taansen has been a non tax-filer since 1990, and has been a manager of various pure natural sovereign irrevocable trusts since 1993. He has either spoken at or attended hundreds of seminars on asset protection, freedom from income tax, individual sovereignty, government exposés, patriot campaigns, high yield investments, the UCC, the banking cabal, commercial remedies, mortgage fraud, debt elimination, prosperity programs, the global currency reset and more.

Out of the thousands of programs, techniques, methods and systems that attempt to provide asset protection for individuals and families, Taansen has been focusing on the few solutions that actually work consistently.

The solutions he has found enjoy a 100% success rate … and these are

  • his simple system for cancelling unsecured debts,

  • one of the best credit repair services in America

  • his approach to asset protection by using one of the best trusts in the world.