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Guest Name
Suzanne Nichols
Guest Occupation
Author, Teacher, Ramtha Devotee
Guest Biography

Suzanne was born and raised among the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut in the town of Kent, Connecticut where she attended Kent Center School. She later attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, graduating with a B. A. in American Civilization in 1983.

Suzanne’s experiences and questions surrounding the sudden and unexpected death of her mother in 1985 resulted in a profound change in the direction of her life. Ultimately these changes led her to Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington where she has been a student since 1988. After five years of teaching numerous academic disciplines at the Children’s School of Excellence (a private, non-profit, K-8 school in Rainier, Washington), Suzanne founded ManyWorlds Press and published Science You-nified!, a middle school curriculum in physics and physiology based upon the teachings of Ramtha.

Suzanne Nichols author of Science You-nified! Physics and Physiology for Masters in the Making - A Science Curriculum for Middle and High School Students Based On the Teachings of Ramtha. Suzanne attended the Berkshire School and Phillips Academy (Andover) and went on to receive a Bachelor’s Degree from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. After having been compelled to move to Seattle "for no rational reason", Suzanne studied vocal jazz at the Cornish Institute and attended her first Ramtha event, in 1988. She has been a passionate student of the Great Work ever since.

Suzanne became a full time teacher for the Children’s School of Excellence at its inception in 1999 at the middle and high school levels, teaching on a wide range of subjects including Literature, Physics (Classical and Quantum), Sacred Geometry, History, and Sexuality Education. In all of her classes she has endeavored to incorporate as much as possible the teachings of Ramtha, for which the student and parent body of CSE have consistently expressed appreciation. The Children’s School continues to be fertile ground for genius and its expression, among the students, faculty, and staff alike. Given that the school stands squarely upon the premise that we are all divine and equal in that divinity, every individual is respected and cultivated towards that experience and reality. In this capacity, CSE stands alone and on the cutting edge of education. This has led Suzanne to choosing this year to dedicate herself primarily to the development of curriculum along these lines

In 2007, Suzanne wrote The Life and Times of Schrodinger’s Cat - A Quantum Tale of Love and Entanglement, her first novel.

Suzanne thoroughly enjoys living off the grid as she has for the last seventeen years, and currently lives in Cinebar, Washington with her husband, Davide Pasquali, their two dogs, Almuc and Shemira, and their cat, Luna Valora Copernica.