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Susan Kasper
Susan Kasper
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Founder & CEO Evolve Now
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Susan grew up in NYC, where she taught teens in a Brooklyn ghetto. She has been facilitating workshops, retreats, and individual sessions for over 35 years.  She has over 10 years of extensive training in Gestalt Therapy, Encounter, Rebirthing, and several yoga and meditation techniques.  Susan has parented 3 children, who are all thriving and vibrant adults.  She has also fostered teens at risk.  Throughout her life she has sought insight, mentors, and experiences that have broadened her abilities and depth of humanness.

This is what Susan has to say about her work:

“All of the workshops and offerings of EVOLVE NOW are based on the premise that it is within each of us that the greatest treasures in this world are to be found.  Inside, we find rest, tranquility, real happiness and satisfaction.  In that place lives the genuine confidence in our innate value as human beings.  We are able to become benevolent authorities in our lives. In that way we become a gift to everyone and everything we touch.”