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Guest Name
Stan Romanek
Stan Romanek, Author, Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contactee, Orion Channel and Hypnotic Regression Channel
Guest Occupation
Author, Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contactee, Orion Channel, Hypnotic Regression Channel
Guest Biography

Stan Romanek, International Bestselling Author, may be the world's most documented extraterrestrial contactee. The multitude of unexplainable events involving Stan Romanek and hundreds of witnesses continue on a near monthly basis. The sheer volume of trace, video and photographic evidence is astounding. Aside from any individual interpretations or opinions about these experiences, there is much for humanity to learn on these very important matters. Stan Romanek's case has created a stir in the scientific and UFO communities. He has received national news coverage, including a guest appearance on Larry King Live.

Stan Romanek’s hypnotic regressions, transcribed in The Orion Regressions, provide a dramatic explanation of why some of the ETs are here, their goals and purposes, and the far-reaching changes on the earth we may expect in the near future. The equations Romanek received during sleep and hypnosis suggest the involvement of an advanced ET intelligence. They have deep physical meaning, and convey new ideas far beyond Stan’s ability to fabricate. The regressions provided the chance to interact directly with this intelligence, to pose questions and receive answers

Stan Romanek books released this year:

Answers is more than the sequel to the bestseller Messages. When Stan Romanek walks into a UFO conference, he brings more than his whole life with him—he also brings the concealed story of our inseparable connection with extraterrestrial beings and celestial guides. Answers is his new conversation with all of us about how the universe is far more brilliant and beautiful than our fondest hopes. It will change everything you believe to be true at a quantum level.

The Orion Regressions, a companion volume to Answers, contains the full transcription of five regression sessions conducted by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle to explore Stan Romanek's contact with extraterrestrial beings. During Stan's regression sessions it became apparent that something other than Stan was using his body to communicate. The Orion Regressions contains messages given through Stan Romanek by beings claiming to be True Orions. These beings brought forth a wealth of information vital to humanity. Shared by an Orion who calls himself Grandpa, the richness of this amazing information could only be realized fully by compiling the transcripts word for word in a book worthy of the information.