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Guest Name
Shefali Tsabary
Guest Occupation
Clinical Psychologist, Author, Lecturer
Guest Biography

Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in New York. She received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, New York. As she was exposed to Eastern teachings at an early age, her specialty is in the integration of this Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. It is this blend of East and West that allows her to reach a global audience, and establishes her as one of a kind in the field of mindfulness psychology.

Dr. Shefali has worked with a varied demographic; from survivors of the Tsunami to women from economically disadvantaged countries; from inner city youth to suburban families and corporate leaders. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Shefali conducts regular workshops on Mindful Living and Conscious Parenting around the world.

Dr. Shefali is an author whose first book, "It's a Mom: What you should know about the early years of motherhood" debuted on the Indian bestseller list for four weeks. Her second book, "The Conscious Parent" is being published by Namaste Publishing.


Parents seek Shefali's words because they find great resonance with her Mindful Parenting approach which espouses a way of "being" as opposed to incessant "doing" - where alliances and mutual empowerment are the hallmark of the parent-child relationship as opposed to conflict and power plays. Corporations seek her out because her Mindful Living approach helps employees to break through inner barriers to success and find greater resilience, empowerment and purpose in their work. Schools seek her out because she offers enriching teacher training workshops focused on transforming the classroom into a living laboratory, where children not only learn valuable academic lessons but, more importantly, life lessons, such as frustration tolerance, conflict resolution, and empathic connectivity.

Shefali's first book "It's a Mom: What you should know about the early years of motherhood" debuted on the Indian National Bestseller List for four weeks. She is currently working on her second book which is focused on Mindful Living. This book turns the traditional notion of parenthood on its head; shifting the epicenter from a linear, parent-to-child relationship, to a mutual, circular,parent-with-child, relationship. In this new paradigm, the focus of the parenting dynamic is not so much on the spiritual and emotional development of the child, as it is of the parent. Here, t he child is recognized not only as the emotional receiver of its parent's psychological and spiritual legacy, but as the usher of its parent's psychological and spiritual transcendence.