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Guest Name
Scott McMaster
Guest Occupation
Life Coach
Guest Biography

With a straight-forward, personable style, Scott has been guiding individuals and couples to greater self-awareness, joy and success for over three decades.

As CFO or CEO in various large entities (primarily in Corporate Agribusiness) for over 20 years, he learned that employees' personal lives, including factors such as their personal challenges, life balance and happiness level, were as important to their career success (or failure) as their work-related strengths and skills.

Scott left his full-time corporate career in 2000. He is now a life coach, acting as a powerful guide to individuals, business leaders and their employees. His passion is assisting folks to live in joy, believing that you cannot create a happy, fulfilling relationship with another until you've created a happy relationship with yourself. He specializes in the tough stuff... helping clients live free of the larger emotional issues at the root of physical challenges such as chronic pain and chronic illnesses, as well as mental challenges such as Bi-Polar Disorder, PTSD, even Borderline Disorder (a mental health challenge previously believed to be almost impossible to treat with any permanent success.