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Guest Name
Satyen Raja
Guest Occupation
Transformational Leader, Coach, and Author of ‘Accelerated Evolution’
Guest Biography

Satyen Raja is a distinguished mentor and coach to the world's most prominent CEOs, business leaders, and esteemed global influencers. Drawing upon four decades of experience in personal development, Satyen has honed a unique approach to transformational coaching that blends Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, cutting-edge science, and practical tools for personal growth.

As the founder of the WarriorSage Group, Satyen has cultivated a worldwide community of spiritual seekers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders dedicated to making a positive impact. His expertise extends to building and scaling businesses for over 30 years, having established a multitude of successful companies.  

With his latest book Accelerated Evolution, Satyen offers a breath of fresh cosmic air to tap into the greatness that lies within you right now. He expertly guides participants towards increased self-awareness, enabling them to attain tangible, practical results, and access heightened levels of creativity and flow.