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Guest Name
Ron Hanks
Ron Hanks
Guest Occupation
Colorado State Representative
Guest Biography


Serving Our Country

  • Combat veteran - Ron served in the military throughout the world and across the United States.  He purchased land in Colorado in 2007 with the intent to retire and explore the Mountain West from the center of it all.  Out-of-control government forced him back into public service.

  • Ron retired from the U.S. Air Force at the end of 2017 after more than 32 years of active and reserve service, serving as an enlisted man and as a commissioned officer.  He worked as a linguist in Desert Storm and during multiple operations, including Northern Watch, Southern Watch, and Earnest Will.  During the Global War on Terror, Ron served as an intelligence officer, performing duties in Iraq, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates.

  • Ron served in several other capacities during his career, to include as a treaty escort for foreign inspectors from Russia and other countries, as a counterdrug officer in Kazakhstan working to stop the flow of drugs out of Afghanistan that funded the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and as a badged, credentialed counterintelligence agent.

    When not deployed or in uniform, Ron worked in the oilfields of North Dakota, witnessing first-hand the benefits of American energy independence, the merits of hydraulic fracturing, and the spirit and know-how of blue-collar America.

Passion for Public Service

  • His passion for public service began in the mid-1970’s as he listened to Ronald Reagan articulate the differences between conservative and leftist policies.  Just like Reagan, Ron Hanks understands that at all levels, government is too big and spends too much, and that protecting personal liberty should be the main goal of any elected official.

  • Now a Colorado State Representative, Ron continues his life-long dedication to serving others, based on Reagan’s conservative principles, and motivated by the Democrat Party’s dangerous attempt to move our state and country towards the disastrous and failed models of socialism. Good people must stand up to stop the out-of-control liberalism that we are getting from Denver and Washington, D.C..

  • Recognized as one of our best conservative representatives in the Colorado House, Ron Hanks knows that he works for you. Your liberties must reign supreme - NOT the government’s powers.

Serving Our Community

  • Ron devoutly believes in our Bill of Rights and is an ardent, no-compromise defender of the 2nd Amendment.

  • Without The People’s full trust and confidence in the validity of our elections, all public policy decisions are irrelevant because they do not have ‘the consent of the governed.’  Secure, open, and fair elections must be the backbone of our elections if our country is to survive.

  • A strong social and fiscal conservative with a respectful live-and-let-live attitude toward others, Ron Hanks will keep fighting to protect Colorado taxpayers, grow our small businesses, and support and defend every law-abiding citizens’ God-given right to life, liberty, and property.