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Rev Thabiti
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Albert Einstein is most famous for proving the relationship between Time and Space, known as the Law of Relativity or E=MC². The power concealed within the core of that remarkable theory has been incorporated into a dynamic approach to living called the Personal Time-Map System now being introduced to the world at by Rev. Thabiti, the system’s inventor.

“Where” a given person is right now can be mapped out geographically, but “when” that person exists is a function of their Personal Time-Map. Personal Time-Mapping (PTM) does not predict which direction a person will choose, but it does reveal what will happen—or what someone might expect—as he or she moves through each new time period on that person’s Time-Map. The Time-Map shows an individual’s movement through time in the same way a map of a country would show that same individual’s movement through space.

Join us for a fascinating discussion on The Personal Time-Map System — An Holistic Approach to Helping Guide Life’s Decisions