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Rahmaan Statik
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Rahmaan Statik Barnes

Grew up on the South Side of Chicago, surrounded by urban art and public murals . Classically trained at the American Academy of Art. He is co-founder of R.K Design, a graphic art and mural collective.


Doctors save lives, police fight crime, and the artist dictates what we know as Image, Icon, and Form.  I live a life-style of observation and creation. I believe that being well informed on the subject of your work and having an organized strategy produces a more intriguing work of art.  I believe man has the right to choose his reality.  In my reality I have chosen my own destiny; time and fate have confirmed that producing art is my positive contribution to society.  The work I produce both symbolizes and creates optimism for life in our industrial society.  It also challenges the over-saturation of mindless sexual and violent images in pop cultural. I put forth a passionate effort to produce art that has a spiritual, political and urban aesthetic.

I am currently creating art in cities across the world, creating art work for museums and gallery exhibitions.