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Guest Name
Philip Wilson
Guest Occupation
President at Relax Saunas of Momentum
Guest Biography

Expert at introducing cutting edge, unique, innovative products to the holistic health marketplace since 1980. Momentum98 Natural Health Products - the oldest natural health store in Columbus, Ohio is the largest distributor of massage tools (# of items) in North America and is nationally recognized for carrying the most unique selection of wellness accessories in the industry. Introduced the Relax Sauna to the US market in 2002. The Relax Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna contains patented ceramic chips which produce the highest and purest levels of far infrared found in any sauna.

Far infrared waves increase human energy and create warmth in the body, thus producing resonance with the body and providing healing power, especially with wavelengths of 6 -14 microns. It is essential for growth of humans and all beings. Now, it has been recognized by biologists and societies of human engineers.

> Discharge toxins from the body (especially heavy metals)
> Weight loss and beautify the body
> Prevent illness
> Prevent Aging
> Improve metabolism
> Energize the body
> Improves blood circulation
> 100% absorbable FIR Energy
> Safe: CE and GS certificates
> Fast: Sauna heats up in 20 seconds
> No mess or residual odor from use
> Portable and convenient to encourage use