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Philip Mantle
Philip Mantle, UFO Researcher, Author, Lecturer, Publicist, Broadcaster, ET Investigator, Writer, Columnist and Consultant
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UFO Researcher, Author, Lecturer, Publicist, Broadcaster, ET Investigator, Writer, Columnist, Consultant
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Philip Mantle
British author / co-author, publicist, lecturer, broadcaster and researcher of Unidentified Flying Objects.
UFO research:
Philip Mantle's interest in UFO research began in l979 when he joined the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), and Yorkshire UFO Society (YUFOS).
1985:   Nominated  'Investigator of the year’ by YUFOS.
1987:   Appointed to Council of management of BUFORA. Subsequently acted as Press Officer,  Conference Organiser, and Secretary to the National Investigations Committee
l988:     Appointed England's representative for the  Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON)
l992:     Awarded honorary member of the Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena (RIAP), a science based UFO-study group based in the Ukraine
l993:     Appointed Director of Investigations for BUFORA.
Although extremely active in the field of UFO research, Philip Mantle has relinquished his various appointed positions, due to professional commitments, with the exception of honorary membership of RIAP.
Organisational publication credits include:
YUFOS Journal, UFO TIMES, Enigma, California UFO, MUFON UFO JOURNAL, CENAP REPORT, OVNI PRESENCE, Awareness, The Wild Places, UFO Universe, UFO Brigantia and numerous others international publications
Newspaper / Magazine publication credits include:
Daily Star, The Independent, Today, Plus Magazine, The Guardian, The Mail on Sunday, The People, Daily Mirror, and numerous other local and regional newspapers and periodicals throughout the UK as well as international publications.
Lectures and radio / TV broadcasts include:
United Kingdom -
BBC radio network and TV programmes such as Kilroy, Pebble Mill at One, TV-AM, GMTV, Central Weekend, Fantastic Facts, Wire TV, Schofield’s Quest, Motormouth, The Disney Club, Cool Cube, Good Morning with Anne and Nick, This Morning.

International Radio / TV broadcasts -
Norway, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, San Marino, Rumania, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, and the USA.
Movie and Video Publicity / Promotions include:
College Tutoring:
In l990 I formulated, organised and tutored 3 ten-week college courses on UFO’s for the Adult Education Department of Wakefield College, West Yorkshire.

Book Publications:
WITHOUT CONSENT - Ringpull Press Ltd (UK) 1994

BEYOND ROSWELL - Marlowe & Company (USA) 1997
Philip Mantle was a consultant on a series of books on the 'unexplained', published by Hamlyn Children’s books in l998. Two books are completed for Hamlyn, and titled ALIEN EVIDENCE and ALIEN CONTACT, were published in l998/99.
Philip Mantle was also a consultant for THE SOVIET UFO FILES, which was published Quadrillion Publishing Ltd. This book was authored by Paul Stonehill of the Russian Ufology Centre, and was published in October 1998. Philip Mantle was a consultant on a book in 1999 for Quadrillion Publishing Ltd, titled ABDUCTION - ENCOUNTERS WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS.

MYSTERIOUS SKY– Soviet UFO Phenomenon – PublishAmerica 2006.

ALIEN AUTOPSY INQUEST – PublishAmerica 2007.
On-going projects include:
UFO-LINK, with journalist and public relations consultant Carl Nagaitis. UFO-LINK is a UFO consultancy aimed at working with and providing UFO material to the media.
School lectures: In 2001 I have been actively involved with ‘The Mystery Club’ at Batley Boys High School, West Yorkshire.
QUEST MAGAZINE: In January, l999 Philip Mantle became the Research & Commissioning Editor of Quest Magazine published by Top Events & Publications Ltd. Distributed in over 30 countries around the world this publication has been in print now for over three years. In May, l999, Philip Mantle was promoted to Assistant Editor of Quest Magazine. 
BEYOND MAGAZINE: In July, l999 Philip Mantle became the Research & Commissioning Editor of BEYOND magazine the sister publication of Quest Magazine published by Top Events & Publications Ltd.  NB: I ceased working on QUEST and BEYOND in September 1999.
BRITISH EUROPEAN ASSOCIATED PUBLISHERS LTD: Philip Mantle has been a consultant to B.E.A.P. from December 2000 to March 2001 on a new magazine project.