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Guest Name
Phil Carpenter
Guest Occupation
Manager of Psychosocial Services for Community Hospices
Guest Biography

Philip (Phil) Carpenter is the Manager of Psychosocial Services for Community Hospices.  Mr. Carpenter has worked in the metropolitan Washington area in end-of- life care since 2000 when he began providing bereavement counseling and spiritual care for  a small hospice in Prince George’s county.  He then served as Director of Faith and Community Outreach and later as Director of Family Services for a larger hospice that served the entire metro DC community.  In recent years he has worked as Program Director for a pediatric palliative care collaboration and then as Bereavement Specialist and Program Officer with Hospice Foundation of America, and as Program Manager for the palliative care team and the complex, chronic care team for Children’s National Medical Center.  He has a deep passion for quality end-of-life care and a great desire to talk with the residents of the DC area  about their options for receiving this care.  A graduate of The University of Georgia, and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity), Mr. Carpenter is active in a faith community in Virginia, and enjoys time with his family and participating in local musical organizations.