Guest, Peter Kling

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Peter Kling
Peter Kling, Science Researcher, Religous Researcher, Prophecy Investigator and Author
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Science Researcher, Religous Researcher, Prophecy Investigator, Author
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Considered as the Einstein of Biblical prophecy: Peter Kling combined his scientific and religious knowledge together, to uncover the "mystery" that religion has tried to keep hidden for over 2000 years!


His book : LETTERS TO EARTH-YOU CAN SURVIVE ARMAGEDDON" is an amazing presentation of what is really going on in our world.


Peter Kling began his Bible education at the age of five and never really stopped. As he trained to become a scientist, he began to discover answers to many of his biblical questions. He is working on a follow-up book that will explore humanity’s connection with a higher power and the spiritual world. He lives in Milford, Pennsylvania, and has been in several different editions of Who’s Who throughout his educative and professional life.