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Creative visionary, experiential designer, musician, content creator, producer, global thinker, sound healer and accomplished entrepreneur
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Nadine Casanova (Kalibri) is a creative visionary, experiential designer, musician, content creator, producer, global thinker, sound healer and accomplished entrepreneur. She has been creating waves in the entertainment industry, integrating art and activism through music and film. She has also been on a mission for over a decade to create a replicable model for regenerative community centers, a long-term plan to empower communities around the world with safe sanctuary spaces for art, education, music, advancement, culture, technology, experience and community initiatives. She has built her company Awa Oasia in the Los Angeles Arts District for the past 3.5 years and decided in January 2022 to release the space to focus on global expansion, art for impact and AWA Experiences – which is the mobile version of what she built at the LA hub.

AWA was one of LA’s most prominent art and community spaces. While in operation, AWA hosted 200+ events and experiences with clients such as Nike, Interscope, Reddit, and Google. Nadine’s passion lies in community service and locally focused global solutions. While the space is no longer in operation, she is bridging with spaces and communities worldwide and considering expansion.

Nadine has a strong background in leadership and bridging. She has grown a large and diverse network of healers, educators, artists, innovators and forward-thinking companies. Her empathy for humanity’s problems drives her commitment to individual and collective transformation, which she believes is best addressed through art and experience. Collaboration, inclusivity, joy, intention and expansion are at the core of Nadine’s essence. If there is an aligned project, she is open to exploring possibilities with other creatives, visionaries and/or entrepreneurs. She works passionately from the heart and brings magic to every endeavor.

Currently Nadine is focused on multi-media art for impact. She is developing a media project with WeCare Impact to support initiatives to protect the Amazon. She is also in motion on a series about community regenerative living, introducing a New Earth way of living and utilizing ancient-future technologies, including blockchain, to optimize healthy living and honor the earth. She is also developing an NFT series combining film and music for causes dear to her heart.

Nadine is spirit guided. She invites collaboration and projects to uplift humanity!