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Guest Name
Nadia McCaffrey
Nadia McCaffrey
Guest Occupation
Founder of PatrickMcCaffreyFoundation, a 501c3 nonprofit, Veterans Helping Vets
Guest Biography

Nadia McCaffrey is Franco-American.

American Gold Star Mother of Sgt Patrick McCaffrey who was shot 8 times and killed in Balad, Iraq June 22 2004.

Nadia is the founder of, a 501c3 nonprofit, Veterans Helping Vets

Nadia Michitch-McCaffrey was born in Paris and grew-up in the province of Auvergne,(Lafayette country.) in France.

She studied the Arts, and nursing. She married an American, Robert McCaffrey; she immigrated to California, United States in the 60‘s.

She is the founder of Angelstaff, a group of trained volunteers who bring a caring

presence to terminally ill and their families.

Her son, Sgt Patrick R. McCaffrey Sr., was born at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto CA, May 26 1970.

Patrick was killed by Iraqi soldiers in an ambush near Balad, Iraq on June 22, 2004.

Nadia was the first Gold Star Mother to allow the media to welcome Patrick at Sacramento

International Airport.

Since, Nadia has travel internationally including the Middle East, speaking of her

son’s life and death, his legacy, his 3 children, Janessa and Patrick Jr & Florentino.

She gives a face to the war by telling people Patrick’s story.

Speaking about his patriotism (Patrick enlisted after 9/11), about his compassion that

he had for everyone to his last breathe. Patrick was an advocate & helped protect

his fellow soldiers to the end as well as the Iraqi children.

Nadia McCaffrey has become an international voice for Peace, Justice and

responsibility in government.

In Patrick's memory, she has dedicated the rest of her life helping the combat veterans; Nadia created a "second home" where unwinding and reclaiming lives is priority; giving the opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their families. Offering advocacy, guidance in proper carrier training, patience, understanding, compassion, and a safe place to overcome the after effects of the war such as PTSD & TBI.

Teaching and learning full sustainability (feeding ourselves, our families, our country, Nadia is co-founder, on the Board of FVC Farmers Veterans Coalition, Michael O'Gorman executive director, a National organization, etc..)


PatrickMcCaffreyFoundation & FVC