Guest, Melody Chardon

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Melody Chardon
Melody Chardon
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Intentional Lifestylist and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
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Embrace Your Natural and Necessary Grief
With Intentional Lifestylist and Certified Grief Recovery specialist Melody Chardon.
You may associate grief with the death of a loved one, but any life change can cause grief. Divorce, relationship breakup, miscarriage, career change, job loss, retirement, caring for aging parents or selling the family home can all trigger the emotions of grief.
Grieving is a highly individual experience. How you grieve depends on many factors including your life experience, personality and coping style. While grief is inevitable, most of us have never been taught how to grieve. The coping strategies we use are unnatural, unhelpful and unhealthy.
During this interview, Melody will provide safe, healthy and effective strategies to help you:
• Identify and come to terms with past or present grief
• Cope with the lingering pain of loss or change
• Pick up the pieces and move on with your life
After a major trauma, many people can live their lives feeling hopeless and heartbroken, disheartened and disenchanted. Instead of moving on from the loss, moving forward with their recovery, they stagnate, endlessly reliving the negative experience, while telling that same story, searching for something, someone to blame. Imagine what could be possible once you Embrace Your Natural and Necessary Grief...

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