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Guest Name
Melissa Rodriguez
Guest Occupation
Law of Attraction Practitioner & Mentor
Guest Biography

Melissa Rodriguez has a passion for the journey of self-discovery, personal growth and development.  She is also super passionate about the Law of Attraction teachings, and about inspiring and empowering others !

Seventeen years ago Melissa was struggling within & wondering why, and that question lead to her finally asking the right question:

“What can I do to change my life”?!

So began her journey within, the study of wellbeing and this led her to discover spiritual laws!  As she began to learn about the law of attraction teachings everything clicked. Melissa finally understood what was happening, why and what she could do about it!

She began to live her life by these teachings and amazing things began to happen! She was excited for life, expecting great things and seeing her dreams come true .

She and her husband purchased a small restaurant business that had been owned for 40 years and was run down by the previous owner and closed. Together they built the business up, doubled it, and sold after 2 years to pursue other adventures.

Melissa was feeling so excited about her new found life that she had to share this journey and these amazing teachings, She began a group on Facebook in 2014 which has now grown to become such an amazing community of members, 184,000 strong!  This dynamic group, exchanges energy and support among members from all over the world on the law of attraction teachings!

Melissa is an author, mother of 3, former restauranteur and a self-made woman.  Her compassion and love for others shines through her eyes, her words and everything she does!

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