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Guest Name
Maureen Healey
Maureen Dawn Healy
Guest Occupation
Author, Speaker, Healer, Psychologist, Child Development Doctor, Reiki Master, Teacher
Guest Biography

Maureen Dawn Healy is a well-known author, speaker and healer working directly with parents and children. She specializes in helping highly sensitive and intuitive kids thrive. You may have seen her work at Psychology Today, PBS or her books: Growing Happy Kids (HCI Books, 2012) and The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids (New Page, 2013).

Unique about Maureen is that she has worked with children in the US, Europe and Asia. In 2007, she taught Tibetan refugee children in Dharamsala, India and was fortunate enough to attend classes with His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama. Maureen continues to be an avid learner, charismatic teacher and light-hearted spirit. Currently, she lives in Southern California and works out of her Los Angeles office.

Along with Maureen’s 15+ years of global experience, she also holds traditional credentials with a BA in psychology and MBA from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. She then has completed her doctoral coursework in child development at Fielding in Santa Barbara, California and is a Reiki Master in the USUI lineage of energy medicine. Dr. Oz has stated, “energy medicine is the future of all medicine” and Maureen strongly agrees.