Guest, Matty B Woooo

Guest Name: 
Matty B Woooo
Matty B Woooo
Guest Occupation: 
Road to Recovery Expert
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We all need a Guardian Angel at some point in our lives, but we never know when our Guardian Angel will show up. In my case, she showed up just in the nick of time.


If you happen to be standing at the FUBAR CROSSROAD of your life, not knowing which direction to go, you can either have a drunk driver hit you head-on at sixty miles an hour or come along with me on my journey from loser to embarking on the road to recovery. If I could do it, you can do it.


It took a sixty-mile-an-hour, head-on collision with a drunk driver, when I was twenty-five and waking up ten days later from a coma, massive memory loss, debilitating paralysis and excruciating pain to find myself standing at my FUBAR CROSSROAD. Fortunately, God gave me a do-over.