Guest, Marianne Weidlein

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Marianne Weidlein
Marianne Weidlein, Facilitator, Mentor, Author, Peak Performance Coach, Human Potential Developer and Entrepreneur
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Facilitator, Mentor, Author, Peak Performance Coach, Human Potential Developer, Entrepreneur
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I am a facilitator, mentor, and author, with expertise in self-mastery, peak performance, relationship, intentional manifestation, and self-employment. I bring 40+ years of experience in business, human potential development, and awakening spiritual awareness to help people achieve peace, success, and freedom on all levels. I hold a BSBA; yet my most relevant education and training are from life experience, my work, and my connection with Source.

My life has served a gamut of untold awakenings, pain and loss learning the hard way, and peak experiences. Through this I developed skill with discipline and perseverance, transmuting self-limiting patterns to their positive equivalents, raising vibrational frequency, and retraining the brain to focus on positive intention. This richly endowed me with an ardent reverence for integrity, and the ability to gracefully navigate the mystery of life.

Since 1985, likewise impassioned to catalyze others, I have developed a varied repertoire of techniques and curricula, facilitated innumerable individual, partner, and group programs of widely varying topics, formats, sizes, and lengths, and published several books.

I discovered that while people gain information, heightened awareness, and a good time participating in groups, many lack the ability to apply what they learn to their everyday experiences. Through this I learned that making lasting change requires regular facilitation and support, so in 1995, I began providing one-on-one telephone support.

Initially, I helped clients to remove self-limiting patterns while they developed or upgraded their businesses. As I discovered what causes people to succeed and fail, I developed facilitation skill with self-mastery, peak performance, relationship, leadership, and intentional manifestation.

I have worked with people of all ages in many countries, who are dedicated to developing their highest potential and freeing self-limitation. Now, my bliss, skill, and leading honor are in facilitating committed, gifted women to cultivate their magnificence!

My books and manuals are: Empowering Vision For Dreamers, Visionaries & Other Entrepreneurs (1991) and now on my website; warm liquid life (1993); It's All Up to Me and other courses on my website; and The Passage to Freedom manuscript.

In 1991, I was a Colorado Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee. I am a mother and grandmother, and deeply grateful for Source and the spectrum of life that moves through me.