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Life Changes Show broadcasters at the Vortex immersion Dome
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Durning the Coronavirus times, there have been more positives than one can count, and each has been special and important to one person, to many, to millions. Though arguably, positive things are happening all the time, all over the world, being that the recent focus has been on so many of the obvious and maybe not so obvious negatives, a spotlight on some of the highlights that have come to our attention at LIFE CHANGES and have been brought forward by the Vortex Immersion Team, is our show tonight.

It is our trust that they will inspire, and support our faith in individuals and humanity not only in this crisis, but potentially from here on forward. May we never forget the kindness of others we are experiencing at this time and always, and pass it on, and share it in our stories for generations to come.


When it comes to changes, LIFE CHANGES is setting new trends and ushering in a new paradigm, featuring conversations with experts who have either changed their lives, changed the lives of others, or are changing the world in their own little or big way.  From activist celebrities to people who have achieved extraordinary things; from spiritual leaders, futurists,  to book smart, degreed and/or doctored scientists, physicians, and scholars, hear what they have to say and be part of a conversation that matters on ways to become the new “cool,” be in the know, in the now, and flow with life’s changes.