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Guest Name
Leah Grant
Guest Occupation
Artist, Author, Singer, Life Coach, Teacher, Consultant, Mentor, Psychic, Volunteer, Philanthropist
Guest Biography

Leah exemplifies living as a multidimensional being. She expresses herself through art, vibrational singing, writing–both fiction and non-fiction, coaching, teaching, consulting, mentoring, using her psychic abilities, volunteering, philanthropy, applying her business acumen, being a lifelong learner, engaging in self-care practices, staying nutritionally aware, truth-seeking, and traveling. She serves as a Consciousness Catalyst awakening people to their true selves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She assists them to expand into everything they can be, guides them to delve deeper into their own wisdom, encourages them to challenge their beliefs, and facilitates them in raising their level of consciousness.

Leah approaches her role as a coach strategically and intentionally by considering who her clients are being in their life and business, what actions they are taking, and the results they are getting, in order to structure solid foundations. Through her powerful intuition, she is able to identify both her client’s potential and the source of their limitations. She assists them in growing themselves, developing leadership qualities, creating dynamic team structures, integrating effective communication skills, and increasing profitability.

While Leah is a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, the work she does with clients is way beyond coaching. She is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and a Certified NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioner. Leah is also a powerful intuitive and Certified Master Psychic which is balanced perfectly by her extensive experience in business.

Leah is as logical and practical as she is mystical and magical.  This dynamic combination serves her clients by giving them a truly holistic experience.

Service-based business owners and seekers make up a large part of who Leah serves though she also coaches executives. Her management-level clients have worked for Google, Walt Disney, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, MicroSoft, and Northwestern Mutual, to name a few.

Leah is a public speaker presenting at conferences, seminars, and festivals. She leads retreats locally and abroad, and is currently working to build a retreat and wellness center in Nevada as part of her Impact Project.

Teaching is a huge part of how Leah gives back to the coaching industry.  She is the Director of Training at the Life Purpose Institute and on the Faculty of three coach training programs.