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Lawrence Joseph
Lawrence E. Joseph, Writer, Columnist, Author and 2012 Researcher
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Writer, Columnist, Author, 2012 Researcher
Guest Biography

Over the past twenty five years, Lawrence E. Joseph has written on science, nature, politics and business on five continents for publications including The New York Times (Magazine, Op-Ed), Discover,, and has also authored a number of books, detailed below.

Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization’s End, published by Broadway/Random House in January, 2007, hardcover, and January, 2008, paperback, is a personal exploration of a strange coincidence, that both ancient Mayan prophecy and contemporary solar physics indicate that the year 2012 will be pivotal, perhaps catastrophic. What if there is some significance to this coincidence? The book examines a range of scenarios concerning civilization-threatening cataclysms that may well occur in 2012 or thereabouts. Apocalypse 2012 has sold more than 100,000 copies in 21 languages and editions.

Joseph has done more than 200 film, television, radio and print interviews promoting the book, including Montel Williams Show (3/08); featured guest on a two Discovery Channel documentaries, three History Channel documentaries, Sci-Fi Channel. Conspiracy Theory, a TruTVprogram hosted by Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, All Things Considered on National Public Radio; Coast to Coast AM, the most popular late-night radio show in America. Since January, 2007, the book’s website,, has amassed more than 20 million hits, and its pace is accelerating as we move through 2009. Likewise, Joseph’s viral videos have amassed more than 4 million plays on YouTube, Myspace, AOL Video and elsewhere since January, 2007.

Joseph’s next book, AFTERMATH: A Guide to Preparing for and Surviving Apocalypse 2012, was published in July 2010. AFTERMATH explores the scenarios that global civilization might face following the cataclysm and/or enlightenment predicted for 2012 or thereabouts.

Raised in Brooklyn, New York, educated at Stuyvesant High School, Brown University and University of California at San Diego, Joseph now lives in Los Angeles, California with his two young children. Hobbies include swimming and soft-sand running.