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Ken DeGraaf
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I am a 27 year AF veteran of the Active Duty, Guard and Reserve. My wife Kim & I are blessed with three wonderful children and one outstanding son-in-law, and were fortunate to change military postings about 20 times, to include Canada and Germany. I began my AF career at the Air Force Academy where I earned a degree in Aerospace Structures, before earning my Masters of Science in Structural Dynamics on a Guggenheim Fellowship to Columbia University. During my career, I flew a whole spectrum of aircraft–Attack, Tanker/Transport, Trainer & Remotely Piloted. I was an Environmental Manager for five years as well and formed productive cooperations with state and federal environmental agencies and achieved state recognition for my base, and worked with peace officers from across the state. I concluded my service teaching advanced calculus and powered flight at the USAF Academy. After retirement from the USAF, I returned to commercial aviation, but am currently on “unpaid personal leave” for refusing to submit to an unethical and unsafe experimental medical procedure.